Chinese and German experts have dialogues on bilateral cooperation


Experts from both sides agreed that urgent and constructive action is needed to address the global challenges threatening free trade.

Zhou Xiaochuan, President of the China Society for Finance and Banking and former governor of China's central bank, said academic exchanges on economic relations and trade are important for both countries.

"Global trade frictions are escalating. We should defend the world's common interests by upholding the principles of free trade and the multilateral trading system. We should also promote multilateral dialogues on trade inequality, technology transfers, and industrial subsidies, in order to give an impetus to bilateral relations as well as policy research."

Zhu Guangyao, a former vice minister of finance, said that both sides share points of consensus when it comes to defending rules-based multilateralism, and opposing protectionism, and unilateralism.

" China and Germany are both defending globalization and multilateralism. This time we discussed subsidies for state-owned enterprises, and also technology transfers. Our mutual trust has been deepened through these talks. Both sides hold the same stance on multilateralism, peace, and development."

Bernt Berger is a senior research officer at the German Council on Foreign Relations. He said that Germany and Europe have much to learn from China's experience in developing its high-tech industry sector.

"Nowadays, competition is indispensable to economic development. But when it comes to politics, cooperation prevails in many areas, such as climate change and the Iran nuclear deal. Germany should work with China and other countries to seek solutions. Besides, China has built a payment system with its own technology that is beyond Germany's reach. Germany should think about how it can accommodate global cooperation with growing interdependence."

The seminar in Berlin was co-hosted by the Friedrich Ebert Foundation and the China Center for International Economic and Exchanges.

It is the last stop of the Chinese delegation's European tour, following meetings in Brussels and Geneva.

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